Tip: How to disable the multimedia function key on Toshiba A300

On Toshiba A300 laptop there are touch multimedia buttons across the top of the keyboard. You just have to brush the media player button and it loads Windows Media Player which can be very annoying. Finding how to disable this pesty button can be equally annoying.

Good news, you have come to the right place for a solution!

1. Open the 'TOSHISA Assist' application by Start > Programs > TOSHIBA > Utilities > TOSHIBA Assist
2. Click 'Toshiba Button Support'
3. From the Buttons Name drop-down select CD/DVD
4. In Target Path field just type a space, i.e.. press the Space key
5. Click Register.

Now, when the Media Player button is touched nothing will happen.

When this button is disabled, the button can be used to turn on the laptop more easily by brushing the button. Having Cerebral Palsy I find it easier than the on/off button to turn on my laptop.


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