Let the next journey begin!!!!

Yesterday was an interesting day indeed. The morning was pretty cruisy. I knew that I had a meeting in town in the afternoon which I was planning to catch a bus to, so I spent most of the day playing with a music program that I’m trying to master. I got part way through a tutorial and decided it was time to start to make a move to catch the bus, allowing me over an hour to get to my meeting, when suddenly a reminder went off on my phone. I had fifteen minutes to get to the meeting! As I raced out the door to the bus, on the off chance I texted David, my friend a taxi driver, to see if he was in the area to zoom me into town. Not stopping I headed up the street. Most of the buses that go along my street are wheelchair accessible but the one that came wasn’t. I ended up catching one on the next main road. Finally, arriving at the place I thought I was supposed to be to find that I got the venue wrong too. The meeting was postponed until next week.

The afternoon was going downhill. Having nothing else to do and being a very hot day, I caught a bus home. What else could go wrong? Oh yes, the bus I caught turned out to be an express and went right pass my stop and dropped me off about a kilometre from my house. The thought crossed my mind to try to catch a bus on the other side of the road back to my stop but I thought better and just drove home, calling in on a friend on the way for a chat and a glass of cold water. This was when the afternoon started to turn around. It was lovely to have a talk with my friend, Andrea. On my return home, there was an e-mail from the University of South Australia waiting in my inbox. It was no less than an offer for me to undertake a Doctorate of Philosophy (Communication) with an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) Scholarship commencing in February. The acceptance form was quickly filled in and returned.

Let the PHD journey begin! Please feel free to follow me on this journey right here on www.thedazz.com

Here is a song that I wrote and used for the keynote that I delivered at the Pathways11 Conference late last month. The song is called Knocking on a PhD Door and the vocals are by Ben McCall, one of my support workers. Download and enjoy it.


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