What do you do went some of your main pillars fall?

It feels like a dawn of a new era in my life. No, I’m not talking about the End of the World Wooha. I guess most seek out good service people who understand their jobs well enough to give excellence service, service that let you focus on the job at hand. Yet, this is particular the case with someone with a disability who is trying to make a go at participating in society to the maximum of their abilities. Too often the focus of people with disabilities is dominantly on their disability support requirements rather than on their social participation.

Sadly, I think it is difficult to find people who work in the disability field with strong empathy and understanding of living with a disability. When you do find such people they soon become your strongest allies, a main supporting pillar in your social participation and become important to gaining and maintaining your social capital.

This week as I try to prepare for Christmas, not knowing where I will spend Christmas Day, starting initial investigations of my PhD with all the uncertainties that it brings and the training of new support workers, two of my support pillars seemed to crumble. Two guys have moved on to new jobs – a blow to my social capital. Yet, although in this time of feeling uncertain, my faith in Christ can strengthen as I know that I can trust Him to provide for my every need, even in this tricky season of transition.

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