Twelve days to go and so much to do

Well, a week to until the Two Way Street AAC lecture and twelve days to go before going to Austria with so to do! Today was busy with a meeting to sort out some business with getting a new PCeye system that enables me to better access my computer by the use of eyes. Thanks to AssistiveLink, I have had an older unit on loan to help me to get through all the work I have to do this month.
I would like to trying to write about all the things I’ll do over the next eight weeks. It is going to be adventure meeting and talking to so many people within the AAC field, so much learn and share.
Over the next days I am planning to finish and submit an abstract for the ISAAC conference 2014 and an application for a scholarship doing my PhD starting in February. Also, I need to get struck in to finishing the powerpoint presentation for the lecture on Wednesday.
This evening Susi, my friend, came over with two of her friends who have just moved here from Germany a few months ago. They came to help go through the presentation I am doing in Austria, which has been translate into Germen, to ensure that it was saying what I want to say and the words were being pronounce correctly by the text-to-speech software. Thanks guys!!!
Tomorrow I off to meet with my travel agent to finalized details for the trip in twelve days!!!

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