Black Stump 2009 pt1

It's been two weeks Black Stump Festival and I haven't got to writing about it.  As usual, it was great to catchup with old friends that I have made over the years of going to Stump and made new ones too.  This year it was extremely difficult to come with me to assist me. Many of my friends was busy.  A good friend, Gavin Jone, put me on a group from Holdfast Baptists Youth who were taking a bus load to Stump and a group of them assist me with my essentials requirements, like getting up, eating, getting into bed and stuff, while we were there.

Thanks to Luke, Kate, Ryan and Ian.  Thanks Gav!

It was also a reality blessing hanging out in the Supper Club with the Corner Stone crew, Ben, Gus, Rose & Andrew and Paul to name a few.

The biggest lesson for me at Stump09 is that you can truly trust God for all your needs and wants!

The NSW God Squad, you rock too!

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