Methodology, Losing/gainging Academic Assistants and #AAC Course

Since Womad I have met my three supervisors where it was decided that I will undertake at Systematic Literature Review, so, the past month I have been mainly working on developing the methodology for it. On Monday I will meet with all three supervisors to discuss the progress.

I also lost an academic assistant due to disagreement over availability. Things keeps rolling along but slower, due to my slow typing speed, than I would like. I have found two more academic assistants who will hopefully start very soon. One of them have worked with before, therefore, we should be able to get up to speed quickly.

For this semester, I have been auditing the Augmentative and Alternative Communication course at Flinders. This has helped broaden my knowledge of AAC, as well as, given the students a chance to interact with someone who uses an AAC device and to hear things from a different perspective. Yesterday, I gave a fifteen minutes presentation at the beginning of the lecture on my PhD. I think it went well and hopeful it broaden their views on what AAC is and how important it is.

By the way as I was finishing this post one of my new academic assistants walked in the door, ready to work and I was correct in that he was able to get up to speed, apart from his crapy tieping.

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