Painting his nails pink

A picture of a left hand with pink nail polish.Easter Monday and I am ready to work on my studies. With thoughts running around in my head about what next to work on, I am inspired to write this blog entry from reading about pink nail polish. A close friend in London message me late last night to read his blog entry who wrote about painting his nails pink. This maybe strange to some yet, for Matt its not strange at all. After the weekend of searching for a suitable definition of sexuality to use in my systematic literature review and getting my head back into some Queer Theory, I would dare to say that Matt’s poem is a perfect example of queer. Queer as in it challenges the norms. It pushes people’s thinking outside the square.

While I don’t claim to be an expert in Queer theory but what draws me to it is the idea of disrupting the norms and with focus on the “others”, the ones outside the norms, and the people on the fringes. Although much of the theory is centred about sexuality and gender, it is not just that. For me it is also about the marginalised in our society. Many may disagree with my simplifying queer theory and that’s ok. No doubt my understanding will develop. I am also drawn to the theory as I see it is very similar to the teaching of Christ—now, that will upset and disrupt the thinking of people in both camps!—Jesus often said things that turned things upside down challenging the norms of life, forcing people to embrace the “other”. Yes, I am calling Him queer and that is why I love Him.

This might be a queer entry yet I challenge you to be that little bit queer today. Don’t let the norms of life define who you are.

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