A New Year Upgrade

It’s a New Year with many challenges ahead. It was good to have a break over the Christmas/New Year period. Yesterday, I dived back into the writing by starting to complete my systematic review. I will be happy to finish it hopeful by the end of January so I can get struck into developing my proposal.
The computer was running slow and would not upgrade to Windows 8.1. It would download the 3+ gigabyte upgrade, run through the process, reboot the computer and some processing preparing for the upgrade, after running for several hours, it would say “Nope, could not upgrade, so, converting back to the previous version.” Thanks Microsoft for wasting another 3 hours of my life and gigabytes of my data! Anyway, I decided to re install a clean version of Windows 8 then the upgrade. It worked but then I had reinstall all my programs which takes up two weeks to setup the system the way I like. Last night, needing to scan my support workers’ timesheets to email the into the office today, I reinstalled drivers and software for the printer/scanner and wasted 2.5 hours trying to work out why the printer would work but not scanner. A job for today.
I just was getting to give up for the night when my dear neighbour knocked on the door at 11pm, arms full with Coopers Ale beer, probably hoping for me to join him in a drinking session. I was already in work mode so I just had a glass of water. A week earlier it would have been another story, I would had been glad to join me.

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