A long time coming!

Well, I keep this up date like I fihnish a book! I get there but time flies between!

My last entry was New Years! Ha!

Since then I have managed to complete the draft of the System Review I had worked on most of last years. I successfully presented a paper a week ago at the AGOSCI 2015 Conference in Brisbane. The paper was very accepted and had good feedback.

Conferences like AGOSCI, are always good opportunities to catchup with both AAC users, professionals and researchers in the field. Attending the pre-conference workshop "Sexuality and AAC," by Lisa Lehmann and Georgia Crank, was really informative. Unfortunally, Georgia was not able to attend yet Lisa leaded the afternoon very well and covered a whole range of issues that we could explore. Although, I am sure Lisa and Georgria did not set out to do, still much of the discussion by the participants was surrounding protection of people with CCN rather than assisting people to express their sexualities and in developping intimate sexual relationships.

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