In Austria and loving it

Left Adelaide Monday night and arrived here 28 hours later on Tuesday afternoon. So good to my host and friend, David Hofe, who I met two years ago in Poland at a conference.

As David drove us from Vienna to our hotel he requested us to be ready for him to pick us in the morning at 8:45. We were going to the LifeTool offices. David shown us parts of Linz as we came into the town to the hotel. Heaps of steel factories.

It is Friday already. We have been here for three days and I am writing this in there conference. It has been quite busy getting ready for the conference and fitting in some sight seeing.

Traveling always challenging especially in a wheelchair. This morning was no different. Getting on the tram to get to Here I nearly cut a girl' feet off as I boarding tram. Oops! Received side gazes and felt the people around us talking us. Finally the girl starting to laugh so I was relieved. We soon realised the stop we needed to get off had a huge step to get off. We got on the wrong end of tram

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