Restless Heart ~ a poem

My heart is restless tonight
Mother Day is tomorrow yet my heart draw back
Mixed feelings by Good Friday has passed
Longing for physical touch
Long for love for my heart

If I could hold you, my mum again
I would hold you so tight
Don’t worry about our past.
Don’t worry what they going to say
You will always stay in my heart

Warsaw, your calling is pull on my heart once again
Adelaide, she getting cold especially in the nights
Why Warsaw are you at me like a lost someone from the past
Your summer warmth comforts me like a lover at home
Leaving you gets harder each time

Restless heart though you pulls in all directions
Restless heart hold your mother tight in you hope
Restless heart be comforted by the memories of Warsaw
Restless heart someday will be loved by a lover at home.

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