Back at work/study

First day back from four weeks leave and beautiful weather at least. I just want bath in the sun rather than sitting inside editing a systematic review. Progress can be slow yet rewarding too. It will be good to finally get it published.

Aside from editing documents, this evening I have a support worker working in the kitchen at the moment in the preparing my dinner. He is one of those people that you love it if they just leave (Doesn’t that sound bad of me) but they too comfortable. They do their job fairly well yet they do it with relaxed attitude and sometimes it feels like they treat you with contemp. They are also one of those who think they are good at their job doing no wrong yet who slowly pisses you off. If it was a time where there were plenty of good support workers about, he would be out the door. Talking about out door, tonight as he walked out to go home, I got the feeling that he didn’t enjoy working here either.

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