The support worker that had to go

Today, I met with two of coordinators of the service I get my support workers through and decided to finally move one of the worker off my roster. He has been working since mid 2010 but continually, on and off, annoyed me with his attitude. We decided to let him work his usual shift tonight and then the coordinators would inform him tomorrow, once they got other workers to cover his shifts, that he would not working here anymore.
When he came this evening to give me my dinner I felt awful, like what Judas Iscariot may have felt like that night. I had dinner with plenty of wine. I wondered how much wine Judas had that night.
I am grateful for the support I get from my next door neighbour who I told this afternoon what was happening and he popped as soon as he could to be here for me, yet he arrived soon as after the support worker left.

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