Rosa, you beautiful dog!

Rosa was the most beautiful dog I have had and she knew it. Rosa was a show dog before she came to live with me. Her show name was "Adore Me," among a string of other pedigree names, and anyone who had met her would understand how she earned that name. I swear she believed that everyone's purpose was to solely love her and nothing else! Maybe she was right! I fell into her delusion the day I met this amazing dog. Her original day to day name was Razz but I changed it to Rosa. "Rosa" is just easier to say to people when they asked me her name, plus it's much easier to shout out across streets and ovals alike.
We amazed people at dog training in the way we just fitted in the classes. When they saw us come they thought they would have to provide us individualised training but I insisted we just fall in the end of the line and we would do what we could do like the rest of the class. Instructors and alike were amazed by what we could do. We were both strong willed and fought it out on the training ground. I think I mainly won... Possibly!
Only two or three years of being together, Rosa's arthritis in her back end showed it's ugly head! So young! So, for the rest of her life we had to deal with it, including six monthly treatment. Yet, she kept insisting running around like a crazy pup whenever anyone showed her hint of attention, which possibly didn't help her arthritis especially on slippery wooden floors--no matter how much I yelled at her to settle!
Of late, she developed a sort of allergy that made her very itchy at times. No matter what I tried I couldn't work out what was triggering it. Very frustrating.
We would go for a walk almost daily. I liked the way that I would just have to hold the lead open in my left hand and she would know to put her head through. Rosa would be out walking with me and would hear a car of any of my support workers then indicated that we had to head home. She also knew which of the support workers she could con an extra pat from when I wasn't looking.
Yet, unfortunately, yesterday when one of my support workers went out the backyard with me, I noticed Rosa was very calm and walking nicely next to my support worker. Her "adore me!" act was no longer! Nice to see but concerning. Her stomach was much bigger than usual. Something was seriously wrong. I texted a good mate, Peter, that Rosa needed to get to the vet and posted on Facebook that I needed urgent help to get Rosa to the vet. In no time, Kylie came and took Rosa to the vet and Peter soon after came and took me too. By the time I arrived they had x-rayed her stomach. She had a condition called bloat. Somehow the stomach turns up side down and blocks the gases. If nothing is done, it can be deadly. I had to decide either to risk an operation or euthanasia. An hard decision! The best option was the latter. It was the first time I was with a dog of mine to the end. It was very peaceful and I am happy that I was with her to the end!
Someone on Facebook asked how old she was. I replied saying she was 10.5 years. However, searching this blog I found this entry I wrote when Rosa made her grand entry to my house and life! That was a bit over ten years ago and she was a year old then so, that would make her 11.4 years old. Not bad going considering all the medical stuff we went through together!
Rosa, I think you knew this all along, but I do adore you, you bitch! Rest in peace and thank you for everything!

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