Living in community?

It's almost a week since Rosa left and house is quiet. The neighbours moved out a about a week before I went over seas last month and no one has moved in yet. Every day I expect a removal van to put up next door with the next set neighbours. Peter, my old neighbour, still pop in regularly for a coffee and chat.

Yesterday, we got to chatting about communities and community living, how there are some benefits of living in an institution type setting. I believe that the way we do community, especially here in Australia and probably in most of the Western society, I think is wrong. So, many people can fall through the cracks because we live so individualised and we don't support one another enough. If we lived in more community settings where people see one another regularly could people live happier lives. In no way I am promoting putting people in institutions to prove their lives, with people with disabilities. But what I am pondering is, could there be something else for people like myself than either living independently with paid support coming in on daily basis or by living in an institutional run setting such as group house. Could be something in the middle that that gives people the autonomy they need yet provide support, community and companionship at the same time?

This idea is don't fully thought through so ponder at your risk.

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