Gaining happiness through gracefulness for other’s fortunes?

Happiness is something that most of us want. We do almost anything for it. You just have to look on the Internet for thousands and thousands of ways to gain happiness. One of the many YouTube channels I subscribe to is called Charisma On Command. They do videos mostly on how to improve your communication with people and how to attract the right people around you.
The other day I noticed one of their videos featuring on my feed was called “3 Ways To Be a Little Happier Every Day.” Usually, videos like this don’t really grab my attention but this did, possibly because of it was by the guys I have mentioned above. Actually, I think the guy in the video gives more than 3 ways of gaining a little more happiness per day. I will leave you to watch the video for all of the ways he talks about. However, one of the ways that stuck out for me was the one about gratitude.
Most people have heard of counting your blessings or the good things you have in your life to help change your perception on the things of life from negative thoughts patterns to positive ones. This method works and, if you are that way inclined, giving thanks to God for these things can be also beneficial too. Yet, in the video he builds upon this by saying being grateful for what others have. This is not saying covet, yearning for, what they have but be truly grateful the things or skills that a particular person has. For example, I can be truly grateful for a friend that they have a great job that pays good or they have a lovely house. I don’t necessarily desire what they have for myself. I believe that this concept is powerful for our lives as it encourages us to love others. I like it and I will be pondering on this concept for days, weeks and, hopefully, months to come.
Challenge: pick someone who you don’t particularly like at the moment and each day for seven days list in your mind three things or skills that they have that you can be grateful for. It can be the same things each day or something different each day but you have to try to be truly thankful and happy for them that they have those things or skills.

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