The Hatred towards the article “Why I Masturbate my profoundly disabled son”

Today I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when this article come up and I thought it would be an interesting read, given the topic of my PhD. As the article states, we whom have disabilities  generally receive assistance to met our the physical, emotional and intellectual needs, yet when it comes to our sexual needs, that is another story. The father, who authored the article, also rightly stated that professionals claims that we are sexual beings and we should have equal rights to sexual opportunities as everyone else. Yet, for people like Mustafa, the father's son, they are far too often deny any such opportunities mostly because society's lack empathy and understanding.

What shocked me reading this well thought through and well written article was the comments under it; people's response to the piece. Yes, there was some encouraging comments from people who could comprehend the dilemma this father was in, loving and caring for his son. But,  the tons and tons of negative comments is the most shocking of this article! It is incredible. It is not so much the comments of non necessary fowl comments about the assistance Mustafa's father was providing, but the overwhelming hatred for people with profound disabilities and their supporters that just streams out,  like hot lava. Although many may not recognise it and deny it exists, sometimes the step is nothing compared to continuous vile underlining hatred that is towards us people with disabilities. It is often unseen by most,  yet as person with a disability let me tell you it always there lurking close by. I frequently ponder what causes this hatred that people with disabilities have to endure almost on a daily basis? Is it from ignorance, fear, or selfishness?

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