New Year – Clear goal! Complete a PhD thesis!

A New Year.! Yet a very clear goal! A look back over some of my blog entries I noticed I started my PhD journey by writing that I would write about it on the way through. Well, I probably have not achieved this as much as I would have hoped. The entries have been sporadic over this period. Well, this morning, it feels like I am going to start my last lap, before reaching the grand finish line. My PhD thesis is due to be submitted by the 1st October THIS YEAR! It is going to be a full on nine months for this baby! With about half of the thesis already written, it is still going to be tough going, but doable.

This month’s aim is to write the draft of Discussion Chapter, which is going to be interesting. Working out the main points that I would like to extract from the Results Chapter and the research process will be an exciting time, to see things starting to come together and seeing how it fits with the existing literature.
As they say, “Let the games begin!” Oops, my supervisors might read this. I best reword that to “Let the writing begin!”

* an interesting observation: the number of the blog entry I refer to above, "Let the PhD begin........" is 555, which in Thai is pronounced "Ha ha ha!!" Ummmmm....

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