This site has been cited twice in year

I am pretty slack with writing blog posts. My last post was at the beginning of the year and now it's April!

The past week I was thinking I should to start writing short blog entries, yet having to worry about heading also a blog, you feel you have to write something more than one or two sentences. Sounds like I am in primary school having to write a few sentences.

Talking about writing a few sentences, in past the few weeks I have written over a two hundred sentences. For my PhD thesis, I have the results chapter pretty well to a final draft for final editing, as well as, the literature review and discussion chapter are progressing well with good frameworks in place.

Indulgences, you may say, but I think, at once every two years, you should Google your name to see what is out, who's talking about you. It is an interesting exercise. Not sure what made me do it other the day, maybe I was bored writing. Scrolling through the results, there was the usual old blogs, organisations's news stories and postings on social media sites etc. There were results not related to me like sites in a neighbourhood in Portland, Oregon, called Sellwood. Yet, about 300th down I noticed that I had been cited in an academic journal with the reference point this site. Here's the reference to the paper:

Loeser, C., Pini, B., & Crowley, V. (2018). Disability and sexuality: Desires and pleasures. Sexualities, 21(3), 255-270. doi:10.1177/1363460716688682

If you come to visit by the paper, welcome and free to check out my about my PhD research page.

And today I was going through the Augmentative and Alternative Communication journal and came across the report which came out a research symposium I went to in Toronto, Canada, in 2016. Here's the reference:

Pullin, G., Treviranus, J., Patel, R., & Higginbotham, J. (2017). Designing interaction, voice, and inclusion in AAC research. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 33(3), 139-148. doi:10.1080/07434618.2017.1342690

Yes, the Bummunicator has finally received academic recognition!

Ummm, that was more that a few sentences. Hey!?

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