Two speaking engagements and a flat tyre!

Yesterday was a work day and was a break from writing my PhD thesis. I had two speaking engagements. One at Flinders University and another an hour later at UniSA. Yes, I was putting my trust in the cabs being on time. A busy working day! I arrived at Flinders University in the morning with time to go to the toilet and find the room of my first speaking engagement. But, as I was heading into the building I heard a strange tyre noise. I looked down at my right wheel and, yep, I just got a flat! I had to do some quick thinking to save the working day. Fortunately, Pammi, my PhD supervisor, was around to assist to make a few quick calls for someone to come out to fix the tyre. I managed to get to the room where I was speaking on time.

The lecture was with a group of awesome international students studying Communication and Disability. Many were teachers of children with disabilities in their own countries.

The good thing about six-wheel wheelchairs, they still can be driven somewhat with a flat tyre, so I raced out to the car park. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Andrew, of Aidacare, came driving into the carpark.  As Andrew was doing some amazing tyre changing the cab arrived. Soon, I was back on the road city bound.

I arrived at UniSA with time to go to the toilet and find the room of my second speaking engagement. But, busting to go to the toilet, the only access toilet within a ten minute walk, it was engaged! Five minutes late an ableist able-bodied strolled out, not even holding the heavy door for me as he was leaving.

I made it to the workshop, that I was running, on time. They were great bunch of OT students.

I was totally stuffed last night but happy to know I had some positive influence on some future overseas teachers and some local occupational therapists who will be supporting people with disabilities to live satisfying lives.

Now, back into the thesis writing!  

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