Adjusting to post-PhD life

About three weeks ago I submitted my PhD thesis. A six-year piece of work. It has been a full-on experience with its struggles, yet we got there. I won’t say much about the thesis at moment as it is with two examiners being assessed. It is a quite interesting time at moment trying to adjust to life again, like I have said to some, it is almost like getting out jail and needing to rebuild life again. It is lovely to be able to take life a bit slower, yet, as usual, I have a list of things I need and would like to do. It was also lovely to decide the other day that I wanted to go to the beach that for lunch to have fish and chips as well as taking Ziva, my dog, with me. At the last minute I was able to book my support worker for the afternoon. They were happy with take Ziva in their car while I caught a bus. I think it was first time Ziva has been to the beach and she seemed to love it. Hopefully, it was the first of many visits to the beach with Ziva.

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