Meet Annabelle (2010) by Alexander Freeman

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"Alec (Michael Moran) is a young American single writer with cerebral palsy looking for love and acceptance. Speaking through his bitter but physically attractive able-bodied alter ego from Britain, he admits his thoughts about society and past dates to a sex doll called Annabelle, who truly sees the beauty in him."

Luis Perez interviewed by Christopher | 3429 pageviews | , , ,

This is an interview by Christopher Hills, he is talking to the Apple Distinguished Educator, Luis Perez, at the 2014

Moving Stories – The Geeves Family | 3087 pageviews |

Jenny, John, Sophie (13) and Chloe (8) Now a teenager, Sophie was born prematurely and diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after. Since then she has had eye, ear and leg operations. 'I found that really hard', says her mum Jenny. 'She was in extreme pain, and I just felt totally helpless that I was unable to help her.' Even though Sophie now needs physical assistance with every part of her life, she's never fazed. 'I know there are some people who have it a lot worse than me, so I take it as it comes', says Sophie.

White Hands Inc: Medical Sex Workers Paid to Pleasure Disabled Clients | 10089 pageviews | , ,

A short doco on a Japanese service available to people with disabilities called White Hands, a non-profit organization that is working to resolve issues surrounding disability and sexuality in Japan. This is video contains explicit sexual activity.