(Sex)abled: Disability Uncensored

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http://youtu.be/qA020ShNQr8 Published on Aug 7, 2013 (SEX)ABLED: DISABILITY UNCENSORED - celebrates people with disabilities as sexual beings. This 15-minutedocumentary increases visibility for an often ignored population by addressing stereotypes that hinder sexual growth. Viewers are introduced to a community of sexually active disabled people. Community members expose the truth by pulling back the curtain to their sexual lives. (Sex)abled reveals that everyBODY is capable of being sexual. The documentary features participants of the discussion panel sponsored by University of California Berkeley's Disabled Students Union called "Are Cripples Screwed?" The panel is conducted several times a year and addresses issues surrounding sex, romance and intimacy that people of all bodies can relate to.

SHineSA – Sexual Health information network and education South Australia

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South Australia's non-government, not-for-profit lead sexual health agency provides clinics, counselling, education, health promotion and advocacy. Provides education and advice to professionals and support workers, however, they don't funding to provide this service directly to people with disabilities. If person wants sexual advice relating to disability, they have to ask their support provider to seek the required advice on their behalf. My personal opinion is this not ideal!