Hypo Active Computer Mouse

Lately I've been having some mouse problems around the house. One of the terrible habits mouse have is that they have a canny ability to find food around the place and then transport bits of the found treasure to all sorts of hiding places to enjoy their feast. Unfortunately, I had a bag of coffee lollies on my desk that I was eating whilst studying. You know the ones I mean. They are individually wrapped, which even the most able find them difficult to open, and they are just like having a short black coffee (like the ones you get at a good coffee shop). Just the boost you need while studying.

Well, a few days ago scratching noises were coming from the printer paper tray and you guessed it, the mouse found them and started transporting their newly found treasure. When I investigated the noises I found in the printer paper tray empty wrappers and half eaten coffee lollies! I had my personal assistant to clean the crime scene and take the rest of the lollies away, thinking that it would fix the problem, but no........ these were no ordinary house mouse, they were high tech mouse.

Noises started to come from the computer. There is no greater frustration that at about ten or eleven o'clock in the evening you need assistance to fix a problem that seems to be minor yet could have catastrophic consequences costing into hundreds of dollars, but feeling that it is too late to call a friend to assist. Anyway, my personal assistant this morning helped me to open my computer and yes, there were empty wrappers and half eaten lollies, plus heaps of droppings! Talk about a hypo active computer mouse.


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