Communication for public display

Yesterday I was waiting to be called into the dentist and I took the opportunity, while I was sitting in the waiting room, to prepare a message on my communication device to the dentist regarding an additional matter. The message was of some length, but not so important to type it into storage. Unfortunately the device I use there is no way of saving a message half way through typing it, unless you set it up beforehand. As I was almost finishing the longish message, a man who was also waiting the room became fascinated with my use of the device and he started asking about it while looking at what I was typing.

I had a few options, I could have kept typing allowing him to read my private message to my dentist giving him satisfaction of looking, clearing the message to talk to him or covering the message with my hand until he moves away. I did the latter. This isn't the first time when people decides to read a private message I'm typing without first asking for permission to do so. These sort of situations are awkward.

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