Warszawa dzien pierwszy

That means Warsaw Day One (well, Day First really but who wants to quibble?). We made a long trip and we have made many friends already.

Ferg do you want to tell them about our new friends?

Sure. There was young Noah and his mum Isabelle who sat next to us on the trip from Singapore to London. They turned out to have a Polish background with family in Warsaw, Barcelona and London (the three cities on our itinerary). Noah is only 11 but we are sure he will be a genius of the comics world in the next decade.

When we got off the plane in England, Darryl fell in love with the first girl he met who, of course, turned out to be Polish as well (there is a theme developing here). Illyona was feeling a bit miserable when we got into Heathrow at 5am and she wasn't looking forward to her 16 hour shift. She helped us to get from one terminal to the next which took about half an hour and in that time Darryl and I managed to cheer her up.

Oh oh. It's time for dinner and we've got a meeting with Tony. I'll tell you about him later. When he's not around.

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