A walk in the park

Don't worry this one is not a marathon. It's just a walk in the park.

No, really.

Today we met Anna again and walked along the Royal Route past palace after palace. I must admit I couldn't quite keep up with all the different Kings and Queens and nobles and cardinals and who did what to whom. Fantastic stuff but it was hard to keep all these multisyllabic names in my head. I think Ferg did a bit better than what I did.

I went to Uni today. Well it was the main campus of the Warsaw University (Uniwersytet Warszawski) one of only 80 universities in Warsaw. I think I'll have to do my PhD there! But then again it would be bloody cold in the winter!

Anna gave us some useful tips for where to eat before taking us to the Royal Baths Park which makes Adelaide's Botanic Gardens and Park look like a suburban backyard. It is huge - 76 hectares. It has about four or five palaces in it and a replica Roman theatre and it used to be used for hunting. We saw a couple of red squirrels but they couldn't be bothered eating the walnuts Anna had brought for us to feed them - it's summer time and there are heaps of people giving them food.

The Chopin monument was spectacular. We're planning to go back on Sunday afternoon for the free concert.

Anna was a great tour guide and she put up with Ferg and I getting constantly distracted and slowing her down! If you ever come to Warsaw and need someone to show you around we highly recommend Anna. We were about to give you her website but we have misplaced her business card so we'll have to look that up and we'll post it later. [Here is Anna's website - Guía de Varsovia, Thanks Anna for finding me on Facebook]

Before I came to Poland I contacted a woman here called Aldona who works in the AAC field and she is going to the conference in Barcelona as well. We are about to catch up with her for a meal and we'll probably go to Prima Pizza again.

By the way, a quick shout out to Graham Cornes and Bill Schapel and the rest of gang in the 5AA All Star Band. I wish you were here to see all these beautiful Polish women. But then again, maybe it's best I keep them all to myself!

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