Night on the town

On Friday night we went out for dinner with Aldona who is a speech pathologist that I met online through a report she wrote on an Eastern European AAC Conference and also via a recommendation from my friend Meredith from Melbourne who is involved in ISAAC.

Ferg and I had dinner with Aldona and her daughter Paula at a Polish-Jewish restaurant in the Old Town and then took a long walk for icecream to the shop where Aldona’s other daughter, Mya, was working (Haagen Daaz). I was a bit reluctant about the walk because my battery was running low from all the walking we had done earlier in the day on our tour with Anna. But I thought, “Oh well, let’s do it”. We stayed at the Haagen Daaz chatting for ages. The company was good but the icecream was too rich, too heavy and too expensive. In fact we stayed so long that the buses stopped running and we had to try and figure out how to get back to the hotel. Accessible taxis are not very common and we didn’t have the number to ring. Warsaw does have a Night Bus service but is a bit hit and miss with accessibility; many of the night buses don’t have ramps. We had a long walk to the Night Bus stop and fortunately the bus we needed was accessible (thank you, God) but it was almost a kilometre walk from that bus stop to the hotel. My battery was at a critical level so I just hooned off as fast as I could and left the walkers behind (the momentum helps you get more distance out of the battery at higher speeds). I made it back to the hotel but it’s not good for the battery to run it down so low. We decided that it would be a good idea to make sure we plug the chair in any time we go back to the hotel for a rest to recharge our batteries.

By the time we got back to the hotel it was about half past one and we were both stuffed.
I really enjoyed the feel of the night. Warsaw has a great vibe. Aldona is as crazy and fun-loving as we are. We got on well.

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