The AAC pizza dinner

Ferg got woken up on Saturday morning by an SMS message from Margaret (our Polish Travel agent) at 10 am. I was still asleep too. We were so sluggish that morning that we missed the hotel breakfast altogether. It finishes at noon!

We went out to Nowy Swiat street where there are a heap of restaurants and ended up eating brunch at the Bierhalle German restaurant. After lunch we went to the Chopin museum. Warsaw is very proud of their association with Chopin (it’s the 200th anniversary of his birth this year and there are events happening all year). I think Ferg enjoyed himself but I was more interested in the architecture of the building; how they blended the ultra-modern with the old features. We both came away happy.

We wandered back to the hotel before we met up with Aldona again on Saturday night with her friend Aga who is the president of the Polish AAC society. The plan was to freshen up before they arrived but we got chatting with Aussie Dom in the restaurant and we were embarrassed when Aldona came in and said they were in the lobby waiting for us. Oops.

We took them up to Pizza Prima, the Italian restaurant that we found the other day. The Poles love their soup. Particularly cold soups in summer. I might have to introduce that custom back home as it is really refreshing.

We had soup and salad and shared a pizza while we talked about many AAC-related things. And a possible PhD topic in developing a computerised Polish language AAC. I think it is the beginning of something exciting.

The Polish AAC society are organising a European AAC conference in Warsaw next year which Aldona keeps saying I promised I will attend. Of course I would love to but we will have to wait and see. It would be good if it would coincide with Matthew and Lyn’s wedding in London. I introduced them via email a few years ago. We share similar interests and they both have cerebral palsy and are living in London. I'm hoping to catch up with them after Barcelona.

We went home for an early night (before midnight).

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