Good-bye BA Honours – Hello to a PhD

The past two weeks has been full on with going to Perth last week to present on the Tuesday, while there on the Wednesday I took a train to Fremantle for fish and chips on the wharf, on returning Dazz parked on Fremantle Wharfhome Thursday I knew I was exhausted from the preparation of the presentation and trip, so I took it easy to recharge but as my laptop was running slowly I decided to re-install Windows while I organised a place to have lunch on Wednesday after my graduation ceremony, I attended the ceremony and had lunch with family and friends and then yesterday I presented the same presentation, which I presented in Perth, to TAFE Disability and Aging Certificate students on telecommunications and AAC in Mt Barker. The presentation I gave at the Independent Living Centre (ILC) WA forum was well received and I enjoyed hearing about the exciting projects that they are doing in Western Australia. The ILC was launching an ICT grant in their state. Sally Hunt of ILC WA invited me to speak having seen my keynote address at the 2012 AGOSCI National Conference. Dazz dressed his graduation robe and capIt was really nice to wind down to explore Perth for a few days after a week of frantically finishing the presentation, which included hosting a preview evening to gain feedback on the presentation from friends and pulling an all-nighter to re-design the PowerPoint slides in response to the feedback that I received. I thought once I was home I would attempt to amend the Perth presentation for the gig in Mt Barker. However, I decided that it would be best to go with the original plan to use the same presentation. I had enough to deal with my laptop requiring my attention and the preparations for graduation.

Wednesday seemed like another ordinary day, yet, deep down I felt it was going to be a great day. It wasn't that anything amazing was going to happen but it was a time to celebrate achievements, to reflect on works and to refocus on a lifetime goal to do a PhD. It was very special to have David, my long-time friend and brother, with me to assist me to participate in the ceremony at the Adelaide Festival Centre and to have in the audience Pat (our Mum) and Sally (a friend and support worker for years). Ferg and Dazz @ Swish On Terrace Crossing the stage to receive my parchment went well, as this time I made sure I had the right size mortar board cap so it did not fall off middle stage again. After the ceremony, the four of us went for pre-lunch drinks in the Swish On Terrace bar in the Standford. Ferg joined us as we were finishing our drinks so we moved into the restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, Sally had to leave us before we ordered our meal. I was blessed in their company.

Dr. Robert H. Schuller, of Hour of Power, once preached that for each good-bye there is a hello. So, good-bye BA Honours, hello to a PhD.


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  1. It is important to celebrate these achievements and I am glad you made a good job of it. Congratulations and good luck with the PhD – you have equipped yourself well for the journey but you must have a bit of masochism there lol

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