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  1. Congratulations Darryl on reaching this milestone.

    Carmen also has asked me to pass on her congratulations. She is is the midst of finalising her final project for her Masters at present and has been buried in her computer for the last few months. She has already started making plans for a possible PhD a year or two down the track, though is thinking of undertaking a Grad Dip as a step along the way.

    Some time in the next six months I should be embarking on the final project of my Masters, with the potential still to lead to a future PhD.

    You are not alone in your endeavours.What motivates us all still has me wondering at times. Possibly some form of mass delusion???? What are your thoughts on this? I am still finding your comments at Blackstump helpful as I consider my future study plans; though have not yet come up with a definitive answer to the question you posed: ‘Why?’.

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