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  1. Dazz
    I love yr site, its great! My son is working toward a career in graphic design, web design and tech and knowing u as I do, you certainly could teach him a thing or three about it all, you are so very very clever. Me, I can turn it on, surf, send emails and use it for work, but call my son with any problems as such!!! Thats it!
    Having just sent u an email asking about Rosa, I was giggling when I read the antics at yr place. I will prepare cement boots when I visit so I dont get knocked over from kisses and a thumping tail!
    One of 40 heh? You little ripper Dazz and Nigel certainly hit the nail on the head with his comment. This will open many MORE doors for you to go rolling in. Well done, your submission must have been excellent! A sad sad day to hear such great great news. I cant wait to see it and how it works.
    The shopping situation? Yes, as u know I have been on crutches for several years and when I go shopping I get stared at, or eyes averted, shoved, pushed,ignored but never, never asked if I need assistance! Its like some look at you as if you shouldnt be out in public cos if they cant see it, they dont have to think about disabilities in fellow man/woman. The very few who do ask with gushing kindness “Can I help you dear?”(are generally elderly and female) I would always say “No thanks, I am used to it.” Why did I say No? Cos I am independant and I may be on crutches & have a disability but I am capable of looking after my self-at home I have no one to help me……But they look away when one smiles and says “hello” in the isle-its sad.
    Anyway, wanted to just say hello via yr site and post a comment! Maria will be sadly missed she was and is a lovely soul and certainly deserved a dignified end as she brought so very many much pleasure. Zac will need some time too, he will be pining for his mate, they were very very close-he too will need to shed his tears and need lots of cuddles to reassure him its all ok, and he too is beginning a new chapter in his wonderful life in yr home!

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